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The premise is simple. Take a cab from anywhere in the city to six locations – the Stratford Perth Museum (including Stratford Summer Music events), any of the four Stratford Festival theatres and the Stratford Festival Warehouse and Archives.

Stratford, Ontario

Visit the beautiful town of Stratford, Ontario for less.

You can also take a cab from any of those locations to anywhere in Stratford. Also for free! Pick a location, fill out your post code and dial the number using our site. You will be asked to enter your home postal code as this information helps Stratford tourism operators know where our visitors come from – especially those that might not have a vehicle.

Stratford Ontario, Stratford Perth Museum – Culture Cab AboutStratford Ontario, Festival Theatre – Culture Cab AboutStratford Ontario, Tom Patterson Theatre – Culture Cab AboutStratford Ontario, Avon & Studio Theatre – Culture Cab AboutStratford Ontario, Stratford Festival Warehouse & Archives – Culture Cab About
4275 Huron Road, Stratford

Stratford Perth Museum

Stratford Perth Museum is located 300 metres west of the city limits and features exhibits of local, national and international interest including our Justin Bieber exhibit, our Stratford Festival exhibit and we are the only Canadian location for the exhibit, a History for Today, from the Anne Frank House. The museum also has an outdoor event venue – the Player’s Backstage.

Stratford Ontario, Stratford Perth Museum – Culture Cab About
55 Queen Street, Stratford

Festival Theatre

This is the original and largest theatre, beginning in 1953 as a tent standing over a wooden thrust stage. In 2022, the Festival theatre is featuring Hamlet, Chicago, and The Miser.

Stratford Ontario, Festival Theatre – Culture Cab About
111 Lakeside Drive, Stratford

Tom Patterson Theatre

Located right by banks of the Avon River the brand new Tom Patterson Theatre was just opened to the public this spring.  This beautiful new building is home to Richard III, All’s Well That Ends Well, and Death and the King’s Horsemen in the 2022 season.

Stratford Ontario, Tom Patterson Theatre – Culture Cab About
99 Downie Street, Stratford


This one-time vaudeville theatre has been rejuvenated but still retains its old world charm.  In 2022, the Avon Theatre is playing Little Women. Right around the corner from the Avon, is the Studio Theatre at 34 George Street East – featuring Every Little Nookie, Hamlet-911, and 1939.

Stratford Ontario, Avon & Studio Theatre – Culture Cab About
423 Brunswick St, Stratford

Stratford Festival Warehouse & ARCHIVES

Explore, reminisce, and discover what decades of theatre history looks like as we take you through our Costume Warehouse and Archives. Each tour lasts one hour and is accessible, but please note that there will be no opportunity to sit or rest during the course of the tour. Photography is restricted in some areas and facemasks are strongly recommended. Tours available at 11 a.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until October. Tickets are $12 in advance via

Stratford Ontario, Stratford Festival Warehouse & Archives – Culture Cab About

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